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Ford Fellows Social Media Content Submission

Welcome to the Ford Fellowship Programs Facebook and Twitter Content Submission page. The goal of these social media accounts is to expand our outreach by highlighting interesting activities of Ford Fellows - current research and findings, honors and awards, and other notable activities. To submit a post, please provide the following information:
1. Contact Information
5. Image(s) to upload with your posting (no more than three):(allowable file formats are png, gif, jpg, jpeg,tiff, tif, bmp, 25MB max)
7. I agree to allow the NASEM Fellowships Office to make revisions to the text provided above (e.g. correction of typos and/or broken links, shortening of the text to meet character limits) and to post it with these revisions. *This question is required.
I wish to review and approve a posting that has been revised by the NASEM Fellowships Office prior to its being posted on social media.